Financial coach helping people with money issues during COVID-19

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For most of us COVID-19 is the worst social and economic disaster that many have faced.
Even telemarketers have stopped at the onset of COVID-19. Is this the best time to see a financial coach? During the worst time of your financial life? For the great majority of the population this is the right time!

I have personally faced: personal, economical, and financial crises: unemployment and divorce! I look back at it all today: it just prepared me to be victorious in today's economic reality.

We are best at helping people out of an economic and financial crisis. We have a proven system to relieve financial problems and place you on the road to recovery. It is a long road to rebuild your financial life back after a crisis. But: the sooner you start the sooner it will begin.

We have a 2 step process:

Step one: work on economic and financial health with our financial coaching, financial planner, credit counseling, debt and money management.

Step 2 is what I call the "3 pillars-of-success" model in which we combine the body, mind,
 and spirit. Some of my greatest successes came by controlling the power of the mind!
The the human mind is the "unknown and unexplained" powerhouse that many times often is simply overlooked! There are thousands of books on the topic of the "law of attraction" and "magic". What if there just might be something to all this? I teach a step-by-step program to show you how to unlock your "true potential" and getting the success you always wanted.
Our pricing is reasonable at $47 per hour, compared to other coaches charging 100's per hour.   

Check out my website at Columbus Financial and Success Coach today.
To make an phone appointment call me at 614-282-3162 or email me today.


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