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Are you needing a Social Media Manager?

  I was asked by social media expert to help him find new clients. I take help from others very seriously. I will be going everything within reason to help him with his request. I have used a number of social media experts this guy I do trust. He from the very beginning went out of his way to make me happy. I used him on my Facebook (increased likes and followers), Twitter (increase followers), YouTube (increasing views and subscribers). Spottily Promotions (follows, play, and likes). I personally find I get the best results from Facebook. It makes you look more credible with more likes on Facebook. If I gave you a choice of a business with 200 likes or one with 10.000 likes. Which one would like more likely buy from? With more likes, there is more engagement on Facebook, and your Facebook page will rank better on search engines like Google. Why you might ask you are sending social signals to Google. This page is something great to give them a higher rank. (increased likes, followe

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