Are you needing a Social Media Manager or SEO Expert? (Update my 2022)

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager:

Followers on Facebook with  promotions Packages increased likes and engagements on Facebook or using SEO,

Article update 07/10/2022

I was asked by social media expert to help him find new clients. I take help from others very seriously. I will be going everything within reason to help him with his request. I have used a number of social media experts this guy I do trust. 

He from the very beginning went out of his way to make me happy. I used him on my Facebook (increased likes and followers), Twitter (increase followers), YouTube (increasing views and subscribers). Spottily Promotions (follows, play, and likes).

I personally find I get the best results from Facebook. It makes you look more credible with more likes on Facebook. If I gave you a choice of a business with 200 likes or one with 10.000 likes. 

Which one would like more likely buy from? With more likes, there is more engagement on Facebook, and your Facebook page will rank better on search engines like Google. Why you might ask you are sending social signals to Google. This page is something great to give them a higher rank. (increased likes, followers, engagements, etc).  If you like this article share on Facebook or another social media.

Did I tell you you can hire him for 220 Facebook likes starting at under $10.00 USD out the door? I also am rankling my Facebook pages on Google, with a limited budget. I can do the same for you with my SEO packages start at $200 per month. Want to l earn more  click here for Facebook page or check out his website: text call me at 614-282-3162. 

I also use this other person he drive massive traffic to my page for only $50 per 6 weeks. I am getting like 80k to 60k of hits to my site. He is driving massive traffic Facebook, Twitter, Pinerest, LinkedIn, Instagram. Also sends out 4.1 Millions email with 300k from US. Yes this is not targeting marketing. But still will building awareness of you website, blog or business. Chris Palmer ( Chris Palmer SEO) stated in one of his videos the best way to improve Local GMB results is to have blog and drive international customers.  If you only have a $100 per month budget give me $50 every 6 weeks and give the rest to Google or Facebook ads. The way you will have building massive awareness of your brand and still building targeted local customers.


Low cost SEO

The Facebook site is outranking my aged website (DR, 36,  TC 30+, and DA 52) with a fraction of the marketing budget. I have very few backlinks on my Facebook page compared to my website. The likes and adding content. That is 98% of what I did. I would buy 2 packages ever month (every 2 weeks) until you reach 10,000 likes. I saw a comment on SEO site people that don't understand SE0 want to pay $49.99 per month. Now you can pay $16 per month a put a few comments or videos every week! Shazam! You can outrank people that are paying $200+ per month on SEO! Comment what is your social media or SEO strategies? 

Derek P. Bliedung B.S (honors) Marketing, Public relations management Certificate  (McGill University ranked  2015 top 20 University in the work by News and World Report).  


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