Want to look like a Professional without a big budget? (Digital marketing SEO) Updated 2023




Want to look like a Professional without a big budget? (Digital Marketing SEO)

Are you simply tired of the corporate America B.S. And want to convert your happy hobby into a full-time career?

Like most of us, we buy business cards and build a fancy new website. Unlike the movie, we have built it and are disappointed that no one has come!

The issue there are many fundamental techniques and errors people have made building their businesses. Only if they received a little bit of coaching, can make all the difference. 


After failing for 4 years in digital marketing I have found how to drive masses of visitors to my site.

The fact my website revived the best month on record over 400,000 visitors in February. 2022 and have done over 100k visitors each month after that.

Learn how people can find your website too and live the dream!

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I just found a great way to save 20% off my marketing and promotional activity. It is a wonderful website it is called Fiveer. It helps small and what I call micro-small businesses act like the big guys. Any things you need to start or run your business from building a website, business cards, and promotional activities including marketing and SEO.  If you like the idea to save 20% off your first order on such things as marketing activity shares on Facebook or other social media's. 

I am sure you have seen my professional-looking logos to my video, where do you think I got it from? You got I got it Fiverr. Please help me spread the word about Fiverr.com. It is where you can get top-rank professionals at a cost that you will not believe all starting at $5. http://www.fiverr.com/

 The Video Editing & Thumbnail was purchase on Fiverr

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I know anyone these days can talk big and may not know what they are talking about. Have super confidence, not a SEO or Social media expert. But wait I have spent 4 years working in SEO and spend over 18 months listening and studying the SEO gurus (Neil Patel, Brain Dean, Nathan Gotch, and Chris Palmer). I have learned how to improve my SEO and my SMM (social) media marketing. 
Here is some of the social proof I can share with you. 
Facebook marketing
I did this with increasing my page likes and side of effect of this is more reach and more engagement without paying for Facebook ads. 100% organic traffic. 
Yes, my site has over 1 million hits! In February 2022, the shortest month of the year came with 400,000 hits, and in March 2022 I came in at over 233,074. I am sure you are not getting these results. This is organic and not from Google ads or bots. This is a combination of SEO, Email marketing, and social media marketing. My prices start at $300 per month. 

It took me over 4 years of failing to learn how to use Fiveer effectively. When I started, I did not know all the jargon such as DA, PA, DR, UR, TF, CF ect.  It takes time to learn how to effective and cost-effective SEO. You can pick up a $5 gig and hope for the best or higher a SEO expect to make the correct purchases for you.  

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Even though I have a degree in marketing & public relations this was not an easy task to break into digital marketing. It took me 4 years of failing and before Learned the tricks of the trade. I start to explode my results. Fiverr is a great shopping portal; you need to have a good team of vendors to help you. I had people that gave me Sh*t! 
And others that had above-average work at a fair price. But don't know who Good is or not. You have to try different vendors to find out. In the last 12 months paid for a guest post and it was gone a few months later. And of course, the vendor was long gone. It is important to find quality vendors to become successful with digital marketing. 
You can always reach out to me I can do the work for you or if you are in my affiliate program, I can give you some names of my preferred vendors.
 Comments what do you need help with the most in your business? 

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