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5 Easy guidelines to avoid money management mistakes

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A proper money management plan will help you to achieve both long term and short term financial goals. If you learn how to organize your money from a young age, it will be very helpful for you in the long run.

4 Factors considered as poor money management skills

Do you practice any of these money management skills? If yes, then you can face money problems in the near future.

1. Failing to plan a proper budget:

The first and foremost thing about money management is the budget. If you cannot strike a proper balance between your spending and saving, then I am sorry to say you are going to suffer badly very soon.

2. Irrational money borrowing:

It doesn't matter what your income level is. Always try to spend according to your limit. Repaying the money is tougher than borrowing it. You can easily borrow money from your close friends and family members as they trust you. But if you are not able to repay the loan on time, the cordial relationship will not take a second to get bitter.

3. Getting into unnecessary debt:

There is nothing worse than getting into unnecessary debt like charging credit cards or taking out needless loans. If you don't pay off on time, scores of trouble will befall on you.
Check the harsher consequences of getting into unnecessary debts in the next point.

4. Paying bills after the due date is over:

Paying the bills late or not paying the amount at all is a poor money management skill. You cannot escape from your due payment. Later with penalties, the payment will grow into a huge amount. Ultimately, it is your loss that a simple payment process gets complicated because of your fault.

3 Consequences that follow the unprofessional money management skills

Probably you have already understood how much pressure you can be put into if you don't have proper money management skills. Now take a quick look at the consequences of it.

1. No future savings:

If you have created your budget in an unprofessional way, saving something for the future is next to impossible. Without saving anything for the future, you cannot maintain your lifestyle after retirement. Even at present, savings can keep you safe from any kind of financial or health emergencies uprightly.

2. Being harassed by debtors:

Taking out debt is easier than paying it off on time. Skipping one payment means next time you are going to pay it with a higher interest rate. The more you will keep the balance due, the situation will be worse. From regular bill statements to third party debt collectors, you will be bothered to the utmost point.

3. Poor credit rating:

Being harassed by debtors is not the only consequence of taking out unnecessary loans. Your credit rating will also affect negatively if you do not pay the entire amount on time. Your credit account status will also show your payment is due. As creditors generally make loan-related decisions after checking your credit rating, so, in the future, they may deny you to give out a loan.

Follow the 5 easy steps of money management

Money management is no rocket science at all. You just need to make a proper planning. Have a look at how you can manage your money in an uncomplicated way.

1. Plan your finance:

The best way of living a hassle-free life is making your financial plan. Here ‘financial plan’ signifies to prepare a realistic budget and follow it. Make the financial plan in such a way that every month you can save a considerable amount.

2. Buy only what is necessary:

Do not plunge into unnecessary buying. If you focus more on wants than needs, it means you are spending your hard-earned money carelessly. You can rather concentrate more on buying only what is required.

3. Keep a check on debts:

You can easily solve your debt problems if you keep a check on unnecessary debts. We do not always take out loans out of necessity; sometimes we take them out after getting lured by their offers. So, if you have multiple credit card loans, opting for credit card consolidation can solve your credit card debt problem. It is the simple way of handling your multiple credit card debts.

4. Emphasize more on savings:

If you emphasize more on savings, you will be free from getting entrapped into loans. Even a financial expert will advise you that buying things with your money is a hundred times better than buying something on loan.

5. Learn about money investment schemes:

If you truly emphasize on savings, then you can easily put some amount into investment schemes.You can get an option of saving your money from tax by keeping it in a tax-saving investment scheme.
Our life revolves around uncertainty; so, providing financial security to your family should be your topmost priority. If you think you can’t manage your financial situation on your own, you can take the help of professional credit counseling. However, you can save money by doing credit counseling yourself.

According to a Forbes report, the majority of US employees are still struggling with basic money management mistakes. The article desires to guide you in planning a proper money management program so that you can lead a happy post-retirement life. 

Thank you, Aiden White, for this wonderful guest post. 
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7 Essential Personality Traits You Need to Get Started in the Gig Economy

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Have you been thinking about giving the gig economy a shot? Maybe you want to start a side-gig or jump into full-time freelance? Getting a start in the gig economy is simple, but being successful takes a certain kind of personality. Do you have what it takes? Keep on reading to find out.

A Sense of Adventure

If you live for adventure, then running your own gig business may be for you. Becoming a business owner means you’ll be delving into areas of work that you may not have a lot of experience in. You’ll be responsible for setting up your business from scratch and any marketing you need to attract customers. But you’ll also be opening yourself to paid opportunities you’ve never even thought of before. For example, if have a knack with numbers, you can freelance helping other businesses manage their books. Sites like Fiverr can help you get started and will open up a huge customer base to you. Plus, you can use Fiverr in your own business marketing by hiring a graphic designer, copywriters, or other freelancers like yourself.

People Skills

If you plan to run your own business, interacting with people and building relationships is a must. Good interpersonal skills, also known as soft skills, will help you communicate, manage your emotions, negotiate, solve problems, and resolve conflict. But that’s not all--they’ll also help you get clients. Most prospective customers will want to interview you before they decide to hire you, so it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on successful interview techniques that will help your skills, both interpersonal and practical, shine.

An Ability to Stay Organized

The organization is key to successfully running your own business, whether it’s a side-gig or a permanent freelance startup. You have to keep your schedule balanced and organized to make the most of your time and meet deadlines. Think about downloading a calendar or task-management app for your phone or laptop. These helpful tools will allow you to productively keep track of your work throughout the day and can even send you reminders to help you stay on top of things.

Some Serious Flexibility

Work can come in at a moment’s notice, so you need to be flexible in your schedule as well. One of the perks of the gig economy is that you have some control over when you work and for how long. You may be able to write some freelance articles on the weekend or pick up some passengers for your rideshare gig on holidays. Making the most of your gig means being flexible as to when you work. You don’t have to stick to a 9-5, and you may not have to work eight hours a day. Flexibility is part of any freelance or side-gig work.

Tenacity and Integrity in All You Do

When you run your own gig, you are your brand. You have to go out and be proactive in seeking out lucrative opportunities. You have to put yourself out there to get the work you need to make your business successful. Social media and the web are perfect avenues for promoting your business and getting the attention you need. Be honest with your customers and be committed to your work so that you can ask for reviews from happy clients. In this day and age, reviews can make or break a business. So keep your reviews at a five-star rating at all times.

A Knack for Adapting

Clients’ needs and expectations can change with time, so you have to be willing to evolve your business to meet shifting needs. This may mean targeting different demographics or updating the way you market yourself in the community. Be aware of current business trends to stay relevant to your gig.

You’ll also need to adapt some parts of your life. If you don’t have a home office or workspace with some basic equipment and furniture that will help you focus on your business, now is a good time to set one up. If you want to spend a little extra, you can hire a handyman or carpenter to custom build a desk, cabinets, and cord organizer. Depending on how much work you need to be done, it should cost you $146 - $576 to hire a handyman in Columbus.

The Desire for Financial Independence

If you want control over your life and finances, working for yourself is a good option. Freelance and gig work allows you to control your finances and puts you in charge of all of your profits. You can typically set your own rates for the work you do, and determine when it makes sense to give yourself a raise. Gig work also means that paychecks may not come on a regular schedule, so you need to have a tight budget worked out as well.

If you have what it takes, then gig or freelance work may be the perfect fit for you. Financial freedom, personal flexibility, and extra income are just some of the perks, so good luck getting your start with your own gig!

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Julie Morris
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How to Repair Your Own Credit & Fico Score

How to Repair Your Own Credit

A credit score is important because it determines your ability to borrow funds. Unfortunately, for some, your credit score may have gone done due to unavoidable circumstances. Worry not because you can still repair your own credits, improve your score consequently better your ability to get loans from creditors on affordable terms. Remember that improved credit score opens opportunities to qualify for lower costing interest rate loans and better borrowing terms. 
However, credit repair is more like enhancing your professional network. You may not think of it until you need it and that would really inconvenience you because it’s not something you can repair overnight. So, if you have a bad credit score, you need to start its repair now so that you can have an easier time when you really need it.
How to Repair Your Own Credit & Fico Score

Why You Need to Repair Your Credit
You need to pursue credit repair because it is vital when looking for loans, credit cards, and saving money on insurance. It's also critical when you are looking for a good job. A good credit score will avail you new employment opportunities, promotions at your workplace, and earn you raises in your salary with your current employer. Moreover, if you plan to start a business or want to be sure that you can get a loan when you need it then you have no option but repairing your credit.
It is not difficult to repair it and you simply need to follow the steps that I will explain in the following paragraphs:

Evaluate your credit score reports:
The first step is to evaluate your credit score reports. There are certified credit bureaus which can give you one free copy of your report annually. You only need to request them to send your latest credit report. The report will give you an overview of all the past mistakes that have led to your poor credit rating. Read it keenly and note all the negative things that have affected your credit score.

Review Report for any Errors:
 Secondly, review the credit reports for any errors. You can see all items that have been listed in the public record; detailed information on every account you hold; and inquiries made to your credit report. 
Next, decide on data that needs repair. These include incorrect information, for example, all accounts that you don’t own, payments that have been reported incorrectly late. Also, check past accounts that are charged-off, late or have been sent to a collection agency.
You can then use a different color of a highlighter to mark each type of information to do your work easy when planning for repair. This makes it easy even in the future when ready to call creditors, make a payment or send a letter.

Dispute any Errors:
The third step is to dispute credit report errors. It's your right to dispute any inaccurate information in your credit score and others that are not verifiable or incomplete. When you get your credit reports from the bureau, you will get information on how to send your disputes. You can equally do it online, make the disputes through the mail or phone call. The best method for sending disputes is regular mail because it offers enough benefits. First, you can attach a document to support your disputes, and you can keep a copy of your dispute letter for fire use. Additionally, sending a dispute via regular mail with return receipt request, you will have proof of the time you mailed. This is essential because credit bureaus take 30 to 45 days to investigate then respond to your complaints.
When you send your disputes include a copy of your credit report with highlighted items that you are complaining about. Then ensure you attach a copy of any proof supporting the dispute. Failing to send enough information can make the credit bureaus dispute it terming it frivolous. Consequently, they will refuse to investigate your dispute or updating your credit score report. Alternatively, you can send the disputes directly to the bank or company that listed the data on the credit report. They are legally obliged to investigate any dispute then delete incomplete, inaccurate and unverifiable information from the report.
After a successful dispute, the bureau updates your credit report, alert other credit bureaus then send you a copy of your updated credit report. 
Handle past due Accounts
The next step is to tackle your past due accounts. Have in your mind that your payment history greatly affects your credit score more than any other aspects. It's approximately 35% of your credit score. Therefore, if you hold numerous past accounts that are post due on your credit report then they will significantly hurt your credit score. Hence, it's vital to ensure that your past due accounts either read current or paid. 
You can get current your past accounts that are not charged-off. One of the worst account statuses is charge-off which occurs when your payments have passed 180 days after the due date. There are accounts that are delinquent even though they are less than 180 days past due date; you can save them by paying the full amount. It is worth noting that the farther behind your move, the higher your catch-up payment will be. Therefore, call your creditors soon to start a payment plan and get back to current. 
You can negotiate terms so that they can waive some of your penalties or spread your past due balances over some time. You ought to inform them that you are worried about charge-off thus you need their help. The creditors might understand you and even re-age your accounts to read current payments rather than the delinquent.
Then pay the charge-off account balances. Don't let them get older because your outstanding credit balance will hinder you from obtaining new credits. Therefore, paying charge-offs must top your list of credit repair. After paying them in full, your credit report will be updated to read paid. However, the charge-off status will show in your report for seven years. However, you may convince the creditors to delete your charge-off status from your credit report at a fee. Nevertheless, it is not easy to do this. Your focus should be to get a favorable account status. 
Management of Collection Accounts:
Next step is to manage collection accounts. Normally debt accounts are sent to a collection agency after they have been charged-off or have been dormant for several months. You can either pay them in full or pay less than the balance.

Check Loan Status:
Following thing is to check your loan status if you have any. If you borrowed money and still close to the original loan amount, it will affect your credit score negatively. The more you pay the loan the better for your Fico score. However, before paying other loans focus on clearing credit card balances because they have a worse effect on your credit score. 
Prioritize Payments:
Then prioritize spending money in the process of credit repair. You should focus on accounts which are almost past due first then make all current. Afterward, bring down your credit card balances. 
Take A New Credit:
Once all your loans are current, take a new credit to help build your score. The secret is to resolve negative items on your credit report and add positive information on it. You can do this by making early payments since timely repayment will boost your scores. 
Also going forward, you should pay all bills on time. This will add positive information on your report too. 
You can do your best to salvage your credit score. However, at times you may get rejections from lenders or get financially strained. Worry not, you can get credit counseling to help you move forward. 
Again, you don’t have to repair your credit alone while you can get a financial coach who can advise you on how to get out of debt, smart money management, increasing income and building wealth. He will give you strategies for success and make you understand how investing works, and how to incorporate it in financial planning.

At times bankruptcy may be inevitable when you have explored all options but not working. If so then file it early instead of trying strategies that won’t help in the long run. You can start again afterward and rebuild your life. You can seek Columbus Financial experts to guide you through financial planning and money management strategies. 
It is possible to live with bad credit in America today, nonetheless, it makes life very tough. The bad credit score makes several things impossible, more expensive or very difficult. For instance, some insurance companies charge higher interest rates for drivers with bad credit scores. Banks will check your credit scores before they can grant you any loan or credit card. When you are getting new utilities using your name, the corporation will confirm your credit scores first to decide whether you pay a security deposit. Therefore, do your best to improve your Fico score.

If you have any financial issues we can help! Call or visit our web page today.

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The 3 Pillars of Success Model Next Generation of Success & Motivation Development

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Quote from Bill Gates

It's fine to Celebrate Success But is more Important to Heed the Lessons of Failure.
~Bill Gates

Tried of Bills with No Hope in Sight?: Let US Help you! Columbus Financial and Success Coaching

We first perform when you come to see Ohio Financial and Success Coach a personal analyzation of your current situation and make a recommendation according to your financial needs. No cookie cutter one size fits all here. We will perform a household cost reduction strategy plan that will save you money from your current experiences. We are specialists in ways to save money on household items and we have been doing this for 7 years. With this additional cash saving, we will formulate a debt management plan that will clear all your debts, over time based on your comfort level. Next, we will formulate a wealth building strategist to start building saving for the short term and an Investment strategy for your mid and long-term goals.

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News Release - For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release
Media Contact
Columbus Financial & Success Coach
Contact name: Derek Bliedung

Happy Client Testifies to the Goodness of Columbus Financial & Success Coach

A happy and satisfied client has testified to the goodness of Columbus Financial & Success Coach, which results from a grateful heart seeking to let others know how beneficial Derek Bliedung’s financial coaching services have been to them. 

It is always exciting to hear about the goodness of Columbus Financial & Success Coach. According to the client, “Derek Bliedung told me that the first step to financial freedom is to make a budget of my current expenses. Next, he told me to go to his web page at and click on cheap city tab on top of the page. Here, Derek has developed a cost reduction system that can save you thousands of dollars per year! Later, he told me to redo my budget and see just how much I have saved! This is step 1 out of 15 to become financially successful”.

What sets Derek apart from other financial professionals is simple – he is not an accountant, or a financier, or even a banker. He is an artist that made personal transformations his art form. He has developed phase two, where he gives you a total personal transformation of the mind, body, and soul. Don't wait to go to and see him today,” the happy client continued.

Not only does Derek Bliedung help you create a tailor-made wealth building strategy that suits you, but he will also teach you exactly how you went wrong, and why you made those mistakes, to begin with – something you don’t get anywhere else. Derek’s wealth building approach is so fundamentally sound that you begin applying it to every area of your life. His approach is truly refreshing, motivating and empowering.

The key factor to success is how well your needs match the benefits provided by Derek Bliedung’s coaching services. When you contact Derek Bliedung, he will teach you what makes a strategy feasible, and the tenets of a valid investment strategy. Derek will provide you with investment tools that will be invaluable for you in the far future.

About Columbus Financial Coach
Columbus Financial Coach started in 2011 to help the working class get ahead, reducing the cost of living, and using the newly leveraged cash flow to bring the needed changes in their lives while improving financial planning & money management.

The company was renamed to Columbus Financial & Success Coach in 2016 after their clients needed more than just a financial makeover; they needed a whole life transformation. During this time, Columbus Financial & Success Coach developed the 3 pillars of Success model, learning from the masters such as Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, and Silver Raven Wolf.