Napoleon Hill and the Benefits of Controlled Enthusiasm

Napoleon Hill
As you develop it will:

  1.  Increase the intensity of your imagination and thinking.
  2.  You will acquire a pleasing and convincing tone of voice
  3.  Reduce the drudgery in your work
  4.  You will have a more attractive personality
  5.  Gain self-confidence
  6.  Strengthen your mental and physical health
  7.  Build positive personal initiative
  8.  Overcome physical and mental fatigue more easily
  9.  Spread your enthusiasm to others.
How to develop controlled enthusiasm
  1. Adopt a definite major purpose.
  2. Write out a clear statement of that purpose and your plan for attaining it. Include a statement of what you intend to give in return for its realization. 
  3. Back your purpose with a burning desire. Fan that desire; coax it, let it become the domination thought in your mind.
  4. Set to work immediately in carrying out your plan.
  5. Follow your plan accurately and persistently.
  6. If you are overtaken by defeat, study your plan carefully, and change it if necessary. Do not change it simply because you have met defeat. 
  7. Ally yourself with others whose aid you need.
  8. Keep away from joy-killers and naysayers. Stick with the optimists.
  9. Never let a day pass without devoting some time to furthering your plan. Habits require reinforcement.
  10. Keep yourself sold on the idea that you will obtain your definite major purpose, no matter how far away that moment seems. Autosuggestion is a powerful force in developing enthusiasm.
  11. Keep your mind positive at all times. Enthusiasm will not thrive in a field full of fear, envy, greed, jealousy, doubt revenge, hatred, intolerance, and procrastination. It needs a positive thought and action.
Enthusiasm is the natural outgrowth of all your efforts towards success.  You now know the tools in order to build your enthusiasm, begin to build your foundation at every possible moment.

I thank Napoleon Hills book The Keys to Success for this inspiration and article.

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