Author Profile of Derek P. Bliedung

Author Profile of Derek P. Bliedung

Why you started the  Columbus Financial & Success coach?  After suffering my financial hardship, I did not have all the tools. I used the Columbus Metropolitain Library to gain the knowledge I needed to become financially successful.  With this knowledge, I empowered myself to help others. I am sure that the great majority of people are nto motivated to spend hours reading books, and spending countless hours watching YouTube videos?  For most of us it just easier to hire someone with the needed knowledge to reach your financials goals. 

I am a spiritual financial success life coach, I started to get message in my head that I should start a website like the one I have right now. I believe this was message from spiritual sources that was trying to guild me this place. I added the 3 pillars of success and the total financial and success transformation to my coaching services to bring people to be able to tap into the spiritual world for help and guidance. 

I have graduated from 3 College and University of higher education. 

Derek P. Bliedung, a phenomenal and successful financial life coach with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.

With over 100 books read in the areas of Coaching, Financial Planning, Investing, Marketing, Leadership, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing, and Metaphysics, Derek P. Bliedung started Columbus Financial & Success Coach with the sole mission to help find ways the working classes can get ahead with effective budgeting, and money management principles, which can take them to the next level of financial success.

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