Financial Coach in Ohio


A Financial Coach near me in Ohio 

A Financial Coach near me in Ohio

While the financial globe appears to be in a state of flux, your personal finances do not have to be. Make an appointment with me, Derek P. Bliedung. I'm a financial coach at Columbus Financial & Success Coach in Ohio, and nothing makes me happier than assisting our clients in resolving financial issues and improving their financial outlook! I can assist you if there are any tasks you need to complete to improve your financial situation. During my examination, I will also consider what may be done to improve things.

Our bottom line is to contribute to during our meeting, I will review your financial situation. Your bottom line. If you are aware that your financial situation needs improvement, I will provide you with a strategy to improve your financial situation so that when the time comes for that new vehicle, new home, or new anything, you will be prepared to put your best financial foot forward.

Financial discussions provide personal quality time!

Financial Coach near me in OhioThat one blew your mind, didn't it? Finances touch every element of our lives, so it seems to reason that they would have an impact on our relationship.

But there is some good news! You will deepen your relationship and establish great closeness between you if you work proactively on the details of your money.

"Money conversations" are a fantastic opportunity for a couple to develop together. They assist you in evolving as individuals and as a partnership by defining your own objectives and bringing the future together.

When you discuss money, you are discussing your future, trust, reciprocity, hope, and love for one another. So, why not arm yourself with the most powerful weapons for creating the happiest future possible?


If you engage with a financial coach, they may ask you to write down your financial objectives and log your costs for a few weeks to discover spending tendencies. A financial coach can then assist you in the following ways:

  • Recognize your spending tendencies.

  • Make a budget.

  • Create a financial strategy.

  • Recognize the emotional aspects of dealing with money.

  • Discover how to create an emergency fund.

  • Manage your debt.

A financial coach is unlikely to be able to assist you with investment suggestions or management. In that instance, you should consider hiring a financial coach or a financial advisor.


If you suffer from financial worry, financial counseling might help you sleep better at night. You're not by yourself! According to a recent poll, 45% of Americans feel nervous about debt at least once a month, and 20% report that it makes them physically uncomfortable at least once a month.

Learn to control your money rather than allowing it to control you!!

A Bright Future with Ohio

We help with the financial well-being of a person by providing them with benefits like:

With our financial coaching solutions, employees may get help and guidance when, when, and in whatever format they desire. You may reach out to our coaches by text, phone, or video for individualized guidance tailored to your specific financial circumstances.

Financial planning instruments: Our financial planning tools help employees plan for now and the future. We allow individuals to take charge of their money by providing tools such as account summaries, budget trackers, and expenditure alerts. Don't forget the motivational messages!

Individualized financial education: We publish and offer simple financial education on a variety of topics. They've been carefully selected with money mindfulness and mental well-being in mind!

Compassionate capital: We give low-cost financial help to people in greatest need. Regardless of an employee's credit score, this debt consolidation or loan refinancing program provides single-digit interest rates.

Savings account with a high yield: Put everything you can save in our high-yield savings account, and you'll earn more than regular banks!

Having Someone (life coach) Who Will Always Speak the Truth into Your Life

Let's face it: these days, few individuals are ready to speak the truth to us. People are not good at handling confrontation and would rather create esoteric Facebook postings and sub-tweets. I don't have time for B.S. like that, and neither do you. Unlike your friends and relatives, I have no vested interest in the choices you make. It makes no difference to me whether you take on additional debt or pay it all off. As your coach, I am in an unbiased position to speak candidly about your circumstances. My objective is to prepare you to be a strong and autonomous decision-maker. That is only possible if you are armed with the truth. I will not withhold anything from you while I accompany you on your trip. Your success is my success, and we will both achieve our objectives if we speak the truth fearlessly.

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