The Art of Making Money Introductory: Different way to make extra income made simple (updated 2023)

The Art of Making Money Introductory: Different ways to make extra income Made simple

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Art of making money


I have been telling people how to save money for the last year. Over this year 2012, it came to me that I needed to educate myself on how to make money. It sounds simple but the truth some people may not be aware of all the different ways to make money.

​Everyone knows that a job is the most common way to make a living. The downfall of this is you have to trade freedom for security. The government taxes earned income at the highest compared to portfolio dividend income from stocks, and passive income from real estate. Let's not forget a business owner or corporation has a host of tax deductions that an employed person does not. 


What should a working-class person do? The answer is to think outside of the box. How can you improve your situation without quitting your day job? One way to do this is to start a part-time business with internet marketing, and it can cost just a few dollars to some. Yes, the website will help small businesses look like a big business with the help of Fiver it is a website for outsourcing professionals and at rock bottom pricing. If you like this share it on LinkedIn or another social media of your choice.

So, what if starting your own business is not your dream? What else, the simple way to bring in extra income is purchasing stocks that offer a dividend, or EFT (EFT is like mutual funds, that they hold a portfolio of many stocks, but have tax advantages over mutual funds, and can be purchased or sold like stocks in dividend classification). When is the best time to purchase these stocks after a major crash or issues when the market is low? You can pick companies that you know and trust and will feel will be there for the next 100 years.

One of the best investments in the rental business, buying homes or apartments and renting them out. This is a win-win situation in the tax code. You only need a 20% down payment and can get a loan which is a tax deduction, and you can also get a deduction on the devaluation of the property at 100%, not the 20% percent which you own, What if you do not want to be called at 3 am about a problem? Simply, one hires property managers to do all the dirty work. This is a lifetime of income. And when the investment goes up in value you can refinance the property and take out the equality to purchase additional property. Researching and finding the correct investment will require a lot of time. If you are willing to put in the time you can make a big return. 


Passive Income can help you Earn More without Working More

Passive income is basically income that you generate without doing much for it on an ongoing basis. This means income that you receive regardless of whether you’re physically working at the time.

Passive income is the most lucrative form of income, and it can set you free and give you more time to focus on what you want to do in life – what you really want to be doing with your time. Passive Income gives you more time to work on yourself; you are able to spend more time with your loved ones, and you are free to go on holiday as you wish. You can travel the world and do whatever you want.

Not having enough money or being trapped by a job is going to kill your motivation and make you feel like you can’t get to where you want to get to. A lot of people spend their time working every day but hate their jobs and who they work for. There are always new things and new opportunities to make income, and you don’t need to be physically working to enjoy an income.

If you are tired of working for a living and making someone else rich with your hard work, Columbus Financial & Success Coach can introduce you to a better way to let your money work for you instead of you working for your money. The rich don't work for their money; they enslave their money to work for them. And you can do it too. You just need the desire and commitment on how would want to change your life today?

Columbus Financial & Success Coach will introduce you to a simple system called passive income which can change your life. With passive income, you’ll go from working for a living to letting your money work for you. Your money works for you and you don't work for your money. You don't need $100,000.00 or $50,000.00 to start. Can you believe just $330 will start you on your way to a new life? leave a comment What would you like to use passive income to archive in your life?

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