7 Essential Personality Traits You Need to Get Started in the Gig Economy

Gig Economy
Have you been thinking about giving the gig economy a shot? Maybe you want to start a side-gig or jump into full-time freelance? Getting a start in the gig economy is simple, but being successful takes a certain kind of personality. Do you have what it takes? Keep on reading to find out.

A Sense of Adventure

If you live for adventure, then running your own gig business may be for you. Becoming a business owner means you’ll be delving into areas of work that you may not have a lot of experience in. You’ll be responsible for setting up your business from scratch and any marketing you need to attract customers. But you’ll also be opening yourself to paid opportunities you’ve never even thought of before. For example, if have a knack with numbers, you can freelance helping other businesses manage their books. Sites like Fiverr can help you get started and will open up a huge customer base to you. Plus, you can use Fiverr in your own business marketing by hiring a graphic designer, copywriters, or other freelance like yourself. If you like this article share on Twitter or you favorite social media. 

People Skills

If you plan to run your own business, interacting with people and building relationships is a must. Good interpersonal skills, also known as soft skills, will help you communicate, manage your emotions, negotiate, solve problems, and resolve conflict. But that’s not all--they’ll also help you get clients. Most prospective customers will want to interview you before they decide to hire you, so it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on successful interview techniques that will help your skills, both interpersonal and practical, shine.

An Ability to Stay Organized

The organization is key to successfully running your own business, whether it’s a side-gig or a permanent freelance startup. You have to keep your schedule balanced and organized to make the most of your time and meet deadlines. Think about downloading a calendar or task-management app for your phone or laptop. These helpful tools will allow you to productively keep track of your work throughout the day and can even send you reminders to help you stay on top of things.

Some Serious Flexibility

Work can come in at a moment’s notice, so you need to be flexible in your schedule as well. One of the perks of the gig economy is that you have some control over when you work and for how long. You may be able to write some freelance articles on the weekend or pick up some passengers for your rideshare gig on holidays. Making the most of your gig means being flexible as to when you work. You don’t have to stick to a 9-5, and you may not have to work eight hours a day. Flexibility is part of any freelance or side-gig work.

Tenacity and Integrity in All You Do

When you run your own gig, you are your brand. You have to go out and be proactive in seeking out lucrative opportunities. You have to put yourself out there to get the work you need to make your business successful. Social media and the web are perfect avenues for promoting your business and getting the attention you need. Be honest with your customers and be committed to your work so that you can ask for reviews from happy clients. In this day and age, reviews can make or break a business. So keep your reviews at a five-star rating at all times.

A Knack for Adapting

Clients’ needs and expectations can change with time, so you have to be willing to evolve your business to meet shifting needs. This may mean targeting different demographics or updating the way you market yourself in the community. Be aware of current business trends to stay relevant to your gig.

You’ll also need to adapt some parts of your life. If you don’t have a home office or workspace with some basic equipment and furniture that will help you focus on your business, now is a good time to set one up. If you want to spend a little extra, you can hire a handyman or carpenter to custom build a desk, cabinets, and cord organizer. Depending on how much work you need to be done, it should cost you $146 - $576 to hire a handyman in Columbus. Please leave a comment what is your gig you always wanted to start?

The Desire for Financial Independence

If you want control over your life and finances, working for yourself is a good option. Freelance and gig work allows you to control your finances and puts you in charge of all of your profits. You can typically set your own rates for the work you do, and determine when it makes sense to give yourself a raise. Gig work also means that paychecks may not come on a regular schedule, so you need to have a tight budget worked out as well.

If you have what it takes, then gig or freelance work may be the perfect fit for you. Financial freedom, personal flexibility, and extra income are just some of the perks, so good luck getting your start with your own gig!

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Julie Morris
Life and Career Coach

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