Thursday, April 5, 2018

News breaking story from Columbus Ohio.
 Columbus Ohio Man Helps His Community Save Money!
 Derek Bliedung started a thrift website which shows how simple saving can be in the hardest of times.
After Derek had many personal hardships from divorce, unexpected job loss, and even a lawsuit. 
He had two choices to just give up and file bankruptcy, or keep on fighting and find a better way. 
He chooses the better way, and after many hours of researching online, he found there was 
plenty of ways to save money!
In fact, he found there was a way to save hundreds of dollars per month.
This prompted Derek Bliedung the founder of Columbus Financial & Success Coach to start
 his own website at www dot Columbus Financial Coach dot com to give away free advice and 
affordable coaching service to help his community.
Good night and goodbye 

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Columbus Financial  & Success Coach
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