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Are you paying the premium to have a brand new box and 5 seconds after you open it drops 20% what is the logic in that? Just because you want to feel all warm and fuzzy that you are the first person that used the item? If you are open-minded enough to think that you can be saving same major bucks buying open box, refurbished, dent & scratched items.

Columbus Financial CoachSome great deals buying refurbished computer and electronics. What are open boxes, refurbished, dent & scratched anyways? Open box means that someone returned it to the store. refurbished means it could have been an open box, they tend to be items that have returned for warranty and repaired, or off lease from a company. They are cleaned, fully tested, and if they have an issue are repaired. Well, now dent & scratched items tend to be appliances like ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, washer & dryers and even stuff like hot water tanks. So does it really matter if there is a small scratch or dent on the side of your new washer and dryer that you going to place in the basement or hide in a closet? Why do you need to pay extra for something that no one will see or even care about? I refused to pay the full price for new washer and dyer. So, I was able to find a local referibished dealer that sold me a top of the line washer and dryer for $300 with 6 month warrenty. 

If you buy a refurbished laptop I would buy the 2-year warranty. That way you can keep replacing it. The only thing you're paying for it the new warranty each time you get a buyout. Laptop life is about 3-5 years, and if the notebook was used for about 2-3 years the life spend of a laptop will not last the whole 2 years in most cases. This way you keep getting a new laptop every 1.5 years. I know from experience that refurbished laptops have lasted less than 2 years. I had very good luck with new and refurbished desktops lasting about 7 years (that is also about the time you want to toss it out of the window because it becomes way too slow! That is even if they are working fine).

The same goes for tablets, TV, electronic appliances, there is nothing wrong with these used units as long as it is cost-effective to buy the extra protection plan. Most refurbished units only have a 90-day warranty which is way too short, in my option. You can also buy the low-cost electronic item and buy a protection plan for it, that way if it dies after the warranty you get a new model. I was at the Best Buy and the representative never thought about that angle before.

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By Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial & Sucess Coach

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