Turning Knowledge Into Power use The Law of Success

Turning Knowledge Into Power use The Law of Success

5 Actions You Can Take Right Now

1. Write down five ideas on how you can improve your customer service, starting right away. This quote possibly could become your greatest competitive edge.

2. Pick a way you can incorporate Focus Intensity Training into your well-being practice. This could be the number one key to strengthening your mind and body.

3. Norman Vincent Peale said "People become remarkable when they begin to truly believe in themselves." What is your mind actually telling you? Write down five negative thoughts that you replay in your mind on a consistant basis. Then write down the positive replacement for each factor.

4. Effective leadership begins with a vision. Use where you are going to shape your vision~ use your goals~ and values to define your journey.

5. Make sure you set aside free time for yourself to relax. This can help stimulate your mind, and who knows your next big idea might just start right there.

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