Quote from Denis Waitley

quotes, quote. motivational, inspirational, Denis WaitleyPersonal satisfaction is the most important ingredient of success.
~ Denis Waitley

 The Secret: The guide to a better future

The power of the Secret it can being miracles right to you. I was a non-believer in such things. How can this be, this sounds like too out there, until one day came, I was hard on my luck, and I had nothing to lose. I was willing to try this power of attraction, the secret, but I was forecasting this will too not work. To be amazement it worked, The secret principles of attraction really worked! How can this be? I started feeling things I never felt before and my life started to get better and I felt more empowered. Yes, material things came to me as well, including money with the Law of attraction the secret. I started to get deeper into the metaphysical side of this coin, and experience things that would be called impossible by science.

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