The manifestation of my personal use of Law of Attraction: The beginning


I have personally and professionally stated a journey of self-improvement, to date this has been reading over 100 book and audiotapes and books in the area of marketing, investing, financial planning, self-improvement, the law of attraction and metaphysics. I started to attend the gym on a regular basis started to eat healthily as well as started to practicing Hawaii mediation called Ho’oponopono. At the being of this journey of self.  I can’t in my wildest dreams would or should expect the results to come forward. I expected to simple to gain knowledge, get healthier overall. I only expected to be transformed into a new person in a symbolic way.

Knowledge gaining

To date what is happening to me is that I have been gaining wisdom beyond my wildest imitation. I have a sense of claim in my life for the first time in years, and I know this is just the beginning. Some of the thoughts can be exciting but, it is scary since I never experienced some of these feelings before. I have achieved a sense of being enlightenment; at a much higher level, I know things about people that I shouldn’t have any type of knowledge. I have the ability to sense people’s emotions, through such things as an email, and remotely (only on 2 occasions). I have thoughts about certain people that are just so very strong, and I feel it is the Devine that has guided me to these persons for a reason.

I have the ability to receive messages from higher intelligence, which seem to encourage me and motivated to take action, at a certain point in my life. It seems not only I want to have the best life possible, but God also has other plans for me as well.

I am sure many of you want to know what is next. Since some of these ideas about my life, is a personal level and affect the lives of others, I chose not to release the specific details at this time. I am rather using this as a timeline to prove when all of this fully manifests itself. What I can tell everyone that my ideas seem to become true, it will be a shock for most people in my life. I don’t feel this is manifest itself for some time. It is nothing bad but will a big surprise for most people in personal my life.

I have for some time has communicated my research in a number of articles for self-improvement and law of attraction. This is the first time I have written on my results. I know this is only the starting point. Since taking part in the law of attraction and changing my attitude and putting out the vibration of my deepest wants which is blissful life. Also, have wanted for money and career success, and personal success in life. But these are secondary wants.

As I am working on marketing my web site which is my passion for my career since I was already getting thoughts from the Lord with the message to help people. It took me a few years of going to interview at both insurance and investment companies, I never to seem to find the right fit. Until one day, like magic, the idea just popped into my head to start my own online business. I still have to work to pay the bills and for benefits. I believe that the Lord has reached out to me and has brought one person in my life that is important and still manifesting another person into my life as well.

My employer was restructuring in Aug 2011 and I was slated to be laid off. Something happened to have me saved. I have already had a plan just in case. I would get a laid-off notice. But, what happened was I received a boss, which was one of the nicest people that I had the pleasure to work with. In the past, I had some issues with one of my past bosses. I was placed from stressful work life too much less stressed employment. All this happened about the time I in bracing the law of attraction and meditation.

Social media

When I was working on marketing my web site using social media, I have received an odd pop-up, and I asked me to join a social network. Why is that odd, you may ask? It just didn't feel like a random act. This is how I found a good friend in my life, which I had the opportunity to help out, and this friend returned guidance, on what is happening to me, now. But what was odd was that is a person has strong abilities and in fact is a medium. You don’t meet people with this kind of ability every day. I also was really motivated to market my web site, and there was this TV show I used to watch for a number of years. I didn’t have the time now, to watch such a foolish show, because I have a passion to make my online business a success. Since I was so greatly encouraged to watch this show by someone close to me. So, I gave in and watch the show, to my surprise one of the persons on the show I seem to be drawn to this person. I was like what the H-LL! What is happening? This is strange. And who is this person? After watching this show and many others like it, nothing like this has ever happened before. I was still having a strong sense of this person, months later, and currently has been 1 year. (Update: It is now almost 2 years, and the feeling is still very strong). I even was able to reach out to this person and feel this person source energy, it was the most wonderful thing I ever felt. This was the first time I ever did this. I knew it was not just a figment of my immigration, I now have some abilities. Not just strong emotional intelligence either. I believe this person is my soul mate or twin flame. After much Reacher in the topic, this is the only reasonable conclusion I can make. At this time, she is still a child of Adam, and still rejects the wisdom of God. Unlike myself, where I went through awaking, and reborn a son of Abraham. (Light Worker)

One day it just happened, I was encouraged to reach out to this person by mail. I wanted to send something to the person in the near future, but it seems the time was key importance. So, I followed this encouraged feeling and sent this person a letter. I sensed I will receive a message back, but I am unsure if it will be a physical message like a letter or email or it would be just thought of this person talking to themselves. I can say, now that is was just a thought from this person, not the physical message was sent. I received a telepathic message from this person.

In my past I had very few things happened to me, I remember when I was in my late teens or early 20’s that I was able to predict when the mail was coming. Also, I had a strange experience about 7 years ago, when I had this horrible feeling coming over me, I didn't know at the time but 2 days later the reason why came out. In the last 8 months, these abilities have been kicked into overdrive, experiencing, many things happening, over weeks not years. With the help of my friend, what I thought was simply just daydreams turned out to visions of a future. At the time it felt real, not just like something my mind was creating. In the past week, I had two of these visions, one seemed to be in the near future and the other one seems to be far in the future, they are all around the same person.

It has been taking me months to write to a story and now we are at the End of March 2013, I still have a very strong vision of this person. I am starting to write to this person on social media, just been accepted in their social media. Another of this strange thing came up; I had a strong vision of at least 20 to 30 years in the future, it freaked me out, so I had to email my friend about the experience later on that night. The same night I got up at 12:30 and thought I might want to see if this person is online. I just went back to bed; my face becomes super-hot for no apparent reason, and I thought this was a sign to take action. As soon as I raised out of bed, the redness stopped and did not return. I knew I need to check out this person social media page, they were not online, but I started to comment on their photos, then a few days later I noticed that I was accepted in their social media. I know this will be a long slow road, but the end result will be very worthwhile.

I do have some bad news; in March of 2013, I was given the news that I too will be affected by the corporate restructurings. Even back in 2012, I had and still have a plan. I am not stressing about this news. I believe it is an opportunity to get ahead in life, in terms of a better career choice. I have been spending time marketing my businesses. But neglecting, to look for employment opportunities. The time has come to take action, you have to spend countless hours in self-improvement, and now it time to take what you have learned and applied it. The fact that I am not stressing is amazing for me since I was diagnosed with anxiety and stressed related depression, in the past. Yes, I was little down for a few days, but that was it. I have a co-worker that I also liked professional for the last few years, and she has reported to me that she too is a student of the law of attraction; she too states that you feel things happening around you. But does not practice mediation, and she was suffering from stress and anxiety, I recommended performing mediation of Ho’oponopono, The Ho’oponopono, the process is simply close your eyes, and say the following words over and over again to yourself for about 15 to 20 minutes per day.
• I Love You
• Please forgive me
• I am sorry
• Thank you

She was a little surprised with what you say but let look at it little. It's really nothing more than the Lord’s Prayer and saying grace, with adding the advantage of giving love to the creator.
Now, it is Aug 2013, back in March of this year, my friend felt I need to meet this person. I was ok how Do I meet her without looking like a stalker? She was not able to answer my question?  I did have faith and the understanding of the law of attraction, that you have to meet the universe halfway. I had to believe that an opportunity will come to me in the future. I am still getting these visions, about her, but now I am getting visions of her from people close to her. I was not laid off I was able to find another job within the company. Now within my current job, I have 3 new co-workers, which in some way represent this person. I was not the one that hired them or even interviewed any of them. I totally had no say in the mater. This is another clue, that the universe is telling me. Now, an opportunity has present itself, where I may be able to meet this person. I did pray for guidance in this matter and asked someone close to me to join me and to my shock, they were very interested in going! It is out of town and a few hour drives! Now, is this a sign of the universe meeting me halfway?

Unfortunately, I did not meet this person, but I did help a good cause to feed the hungry and had fun doing it the race. I may have to be patient, maybe this is first the first step, in many steps. I never was so close to this person ever before. Our paths just never crossed. I just wanted to meet this person to see what my I would feel, disappointment, or joy and maybe something between the 2 extremes. My partner was not in the correct physical condition, and we had to drop out due to her hitting the wall. It was the day of disappointments. But I have a blog the idea we have to take out failures in life and learn from them. Today's failure can become tomorrow achievement.

I will keep updating this blog to tell what is happening, I was told things will unfold as time goes forward.

Now it is at the end of March 2014, and I am unemployed, the law of attraction has provided for me more money than I ever had before when I was working. I feel I am supposed to take this blessing and find the employment that is the right fit for me. I have moved to a new home and trying to rent my old home out. But this person is still having not met. Some things that at first appeared as negative might just be readjustments on the road to success. I did something I never did before consulted physic, which told me that this person that I have such a strong attraction to is indeed my soul mate, and what I am feeling is that I am empathic, and I feel this person's emotional energy. This woman is the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life. I do see many beautiful women, but she is just something different. We are supposed to meet the beginning of 2015 or the end of 2014 according to the physic. I was told by using the guided imaging I can accelerate the time to meet. Since she is scared, and her vibrations are not high enough, at this point. I am guessing she does not have the abilities to feel what I am feeling, yet. It was about the time I too felt it would take 2-3 years to manifest. The physic told me that I am meant to teach the law of attraction to others. Guess, what I am doing? I guess that thing has happened for a reason for me. I have just followed what the Lord wants for me. After this thing has happened to me, I have been reading a lot of a book on spiritual and Metaphysical areas for guidance. It seems these things happen to others as well.

it is in April 2014. I ended up getting a job as chat sales, and later as a customer service representative at a computer store. It was not my dream job and was a job to pay the bills. I had a chance to go to my first metaphysic fair call Angels and Alians, I believe in 2015. I ask my spiritual guilds to bring me to the correct people that can help me grow. I meet a Wiccan prist, he did not believe my story and felt I was suffering from mental health. Trush me working with the general public and how they act, I am supper sane! The priest did sell me a book called "Angel Magik" by Sliver Rave Wolfe, that was read months later that has changed my life. I realized that this book was a book on Kabbalah or Qabala, it was just retitled to make it stand out. This same event I also meet one of my future psychic teachers.

A few months later I was told about a place I was able to find a group that has similar interests in the area of metaphysical and developing psychic abilities. I have found this group working of light psychic development. Where I started my development as a psychic, and later as a healer.    

I have been negotiating this blog post. It is 4 years in the future Aug 2019. The psychic was wrong about meeting her. But was on the money with the month I will start my new job. I have still have not met her but went to a spiritual church in Dec 2018, and had a reading with many physics, and one physic stood out his name was Ricky. and he told me that I would meet this woman in the future, she wanted a connection to God. As currently as a channel of God, I am hoping this will be soon. 

I ended up getting a job as chat sales, and later as a customer service representative at a computer store. It was not my dream job and was a job to pay the bills. 


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