Quote from Chinese Proverb

 Motivational quote of the day by Chinese ProverbThe fire you kindle for your enemy often burns
 you more than him.
~Chinese Proverb

How to master the law of attraction

The power of mind-over-matter, many of us go through life blind to the underdeveloped proportional of the human mind. The human mind can heal other with just a thought, or bring you your wildest dream to light. I bring you the Law of Attraction, The Secret, or by some a Miracles. It is spoken in many of the religious texts that our thoughts can bring us greatness or our thoughts can bring our misery. I am showing you the tip of the achieving success in life iceberg, a very basic way to connect to this energy that the universe is offering all of us for free. Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture. 


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