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Quote from Peter Drucker

Motivational quote of the day by Peter Drucker
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
~ Peter Drucker

Proven Stock Market Strategies

It can take 3 to 6 months for the markets to recover after a major crash. According to Buffet it is best to hold these investments for years to avoid capital gain taxes. It sounds simple enough, but most people are not programmed to buy stock low and sell high. The reason is emotional investing theory most of the population is hardwired to sell low, and buy high this is due to human evaluation and our ability to survive. The same goes for fund managers; they often have to follow the majority of other investors, and often feel the need to always being in the market. Be careful there are many salespeople going by the tiles of the adviser, insurances agents are mostly and not always what I like to call mutual fund salespeople. I would recommend you to become your own expert and follow the advice of other experts that state that even an average investor can outpace the S and P 500

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Quote from J. P. Morgan

quotes, quote. motivational, inspirational, J. P. Morgan A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.
~ J. P. Morgan
The Strategies from the Genus’ of Investing: Investing style is a mater of finding your personality type and risk tolerance

Warren Buffet's strategies on investing are to find companies that you trust, believe in and understand the business model. If not ,walk away now! One must learn to be patient, to wait for these stock prices to fall to value prices, and then hold on the stock for the long term at least 10 years, if not 20 years or even 30 years. Buffet shares the view the best way to avoid capital gains taxes is to hold them on the stocks for an extremely long time if not indefinite.

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Why Does The Wealthy Have More Money Than the MiddleClass? The gap is often due to the mind set of the rich.

 I am a financial coach, marketing consultant, and blogger; I am trying to answer the question why does the rich seem to have more money? I am a former student that went to one of the best University in the world, had some of the best-educated professors attending the best university in the world! But, I was stuck in an entry-level job, struggling to pay my bills, going through a divorce, lost my job, even been sued! I was in a horrible state of mind, and bad news came after bad news. What should someone do? I say, come back fighting and swing!

Was the universe out to get me? Or was the universe trying to help me in reach of my full potential? The universe has a master plan for me, and the only way for me to improve myself and my life was to give me one h-ll of a jolt in the backside! In fact, I need this jolt to get me moving and thinking on the second stage of my life. The new me or the version of myself that universe intended was going to use my current knowledge and gain new knowledge to help others.

I was sick: always tired, no energy, little motivation, it was hard to focus; I was on a mission to find the cure. I started to find books on at my local library, one titled Natural Cures, and I tried to detoxify my body.  It did not work for me. Next, I started to read books on financial planning, including money management, debt management, and investing. I came across a book by Robert Kiyosaki,
from his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. He introduced me to two other books the Richest man in Babylon and Think and Grow Rich, to me this cornerstone for my change.

After reading the Richest Man in Babylon, it caused me to have internal conflicts, from a line in the book “Are you a free man or slave!” I stated I am a free man! I had to let go of the fear of letting my credit rating take a  hit. The powers to make you think you’re only good as your credit report? I think this is not a true milestone of a person, but how one manages their hardship that life brings their way. I was in conflict if I shouldn’t pay some of my bills to rather invest the funds in the stock market after the American bank stock market crash? This is a personal decision, but, I felt that the universe would punish me if I had the money to pay my bills but the choice to not pay them. I felt these both immoral and not reasonable.  Now, if one didn't have the money to pay their bills due to no fault of their own, the credit bureau will hit me. But, not the universe. I feel the universe; holds the ultimate authority in my life and not the government or credit bureaus.

Can you image, I was losing sleep, stressing over, getting anxiety issue from an artificially created numbering system? Oh boy, wasn’t I a big fool! I now can look back and laugh at my behavior! Who need chains, if society can be in slave you with a number! I am not saying you shouldn’t pay your bills, or not to work hard to pay your bills. But, only say stop stressing over the little things. 

The second book Think and Grow Rich by the late Napoleon Hill, this book introduced the idea nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. If you have the passion, burning desire and commitment. Nothing is impossible if you believe it can be done! The trick is, if you can’t see yourself in life or career being able to do what you desiring, you will fail, even before you get started. Napoleon Hill believed that your mind has great power, and through the right reprogramming, you can do anything. Now, the trick is to think positive about yourself and others. Do not say negative thought like, I am stupid, dumb or anything like that. You need to say positive things about yourself, I am a great person, I am a smart person, I am perfect,  and I can do anything I set my mind to do!

Some of the techniques that Napoleon Hill has employed was to have a positive affirmation “I am making $200,000 per year in a job that I love by specific date”, or “I have found my perfect mate give a detailed description of this person attributions by a  date” The opportunities will come to you if you say this out loud once in the morning and again before you go to bed. When in bed, think of you having a relationship with his perfect person, or working the perfect job.

It may take some time, but over time you will be reprogramming your subconscious to believe this is so, and your subconscious will make it so. This where Napoleon Hill and others call the Law of Attraction splits, Mr. Hill believed you have to take action at this point. Napoleon Hill, stated you have to improve yourself at this point to be successful. Work out, eat better, attend webinars, classes, workshops, seminars, read books, listen to audiobooks, and maybe get your degree. In fact, anything you can do to aid yourself to meet your goals will help the final outcome.

Another of Napoleon Hill recommendations was to form a mastermind group, of 2-11 people that have a common goal. The power of the mind multiplied with others will even be a more powerful force. One can ride the synergy of others at this point to become an unstoppable force. 

Working out is one of the untold secret of the rich, studies showing that 55% of the rich working out at least 2 times a week, and 50% of people that living financially comfortable in our society do as well. Did you know it can even improve your mood, and lower your stress and lower anxiety? And let just forget about all the other health benefits.

I have found that eating healthier is not only less expensive on your budget, but can improve your life and overall well-being. I cut, my budget by cooking most of my meals with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables and lower the amount of meat and cheeses. I stop buying processed food and replaced them with unprocessed whole foods. I still use white sugar just cutting down.

The net results are improved attitude, more energy, less stress, and anxiety, things are now coming to me without me placing much energy or time! I radiate a more positive me! And people can’t tell that things are not perfect in my life, simply because I don’t act that way. I know my life has changed and this is just the beginning for my new life.  I am in transformation mode just like a caterpillar can change into a butterfly, I must change as well.

I have been listening to Attraction Factor by Dr. Joe Vital he stated that meditation can not only improve your wealth but the wealth of your community, as well lower crime rate. I am surprised about this fact  How mind-blowing is this fact and this was proven in 19 studies. I have read this fact in countless books, the power of giving to others either a charity or a faith-based organization. By giving to your spiritual origination or charity, you will become more successful in your life.

A simple self-healing technique as stated in a number Dr. Joe Vital books, just saying “I love you, I am sorry, Thank you, and Please forgive me over and over again in your mind will heal you. This mediation of Ho'oponopono was developed by a medical doctor that was able to use it to heal the criminally insane. The bases of the Ho'oponopono is that you are able to heal yourself, and intern you are able to heal the universe. This is a strange way to think about for western culture, that you are responsible for everything not just for yourself.     

I know this sounds strange and worried. I was not born in this word believing all this, I have been rejecting these ideas for most of my life and it took a huge change in my life to be open to such thoughts. I was ready to try almost anything and keep an open mind. 

I would also recommend books by Brian Tracy, and Rhonda Byrne (Author of The Secret) in addition to Dr. Joe Vital. And Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the foundation of much these later books. I seem to get the message better hearing from different teachers and the same things are said in different ways.  

Author: Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial Coach.
The Art of Saving Money

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Quote from John D. Rockefeller

Motivational quote of the day by John D. Rockefeller
Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
~ John D. Rockefeller
Why Green cleaning products are better for your health and your pocketbook | Why Green products are better for your health and your pocketbook

I have personally discovered much of formulas such things as all natural mold remover, deodorizers, all-purpose spray cleaners, and even soft-scrub cleaner. It is just how easy to prepare the ingredients and how these green products can be purchased very cheaply. I know all of these high priced all-natural or all green cleaning products will save your well-being but will hit your wallet heard. This is why I had to do it for my community find a better way.

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Quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower

Motivational quote of the day by Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
~Dwight D. Eisenhower
Why Green cleaning products are better for your health and your pocketbook
I have found many formulations for natural mold killers, glass cleaners, all-purpose spray cleaners, and even soft-scrub cleaner. It is how simple the ingredients and how they can be purchased very inexpensively. I know all the high priced all-natural or all green products will save your health but will burn a hole in your pocket. This why I at the found a better solution.

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Quote from Lao Tzu

Motivational quote of the day by Lao Tzu A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
~ Lao Tzu

Going Green Will Save Some Green: Stop using toxic cleaning product and learn to make your own cleaning products for a pennies on the dollar
I found an inexpensive all-natural way to prevent underarm odor. In fact, works great, and I think to work better than my commercial deodorant.


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Quote from Henry Ford

Motivational quote of the day by Henry Ford Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
~ Henry Ford
Diy financial planning guide

Diy financial planning guide: I have created a free 15 steps to help you take control of your finances. By Columbus Ohio's own financial guru Derek P. Bliedung the owner of Columbus Financial and Success Coach

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Quote from Winston Churchill

quotes, quote. motivational, inspirational, Winston Churchill
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
~ Winston Churchill
Family financial planning worksheet 
Create your own financial plan: With the Columbus Financial and Success Coach's free 15 step plan that will guide you through the process.

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Quote from Napoleon Hill

quotes, quote. motivational, inspirational Napoleon Hill Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.
~ Napoleon Hill

How to be your own financial planner in 15 steps for free 

Diy financial planner guide: I have developed a free 15 steps to help you take control of your finances

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Quote from Abraham Lincoln

 quotes, quote. motivational, inspirational, Abraham Lincoln
Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
~ Abraham Lincoln

Secret to Success: How to go from Average Joe to Superstar

What is often misunderstood is as a society, we place most of the power on the physical side. To become successful in our career we need to take full leveraging of the physiological and spiritual side as well before one can reach all their potential.

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Quote from Bruce Lee

Motivational quote of the day by Bruce Lee
Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
~ Bruce Lee

Are you Looking for a Way to Booster You're Performance at You're Career?: Newly Discovered Success Techniques 
The hardest part is to buy into the mental being when one lives in the physical world. But once we can believe in and masters the physiological being, the spiritual being is not far away.

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Quote from Michael Jordan

quotes, quote. motivational, inspirational, Michael Jordan I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
~ Michael Jordan

The 3 Pillars of Success: Next Generation of Success and Motivation Development

What is often misunderstood is as a society, we place most of the power on the physical side. To become successful in our career we need to take full leveraging of the physiological and spiritual side as well before one can reach all their potential.


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Quote from Bill Cosby

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
Bill Cosby

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Quote From David Brinkley

Motivational quote of the day by David Brinkley A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
~ David Brinkley

The Secret of the Reaching You're Full Proportional: Newly Discovered Success Techniques

I have integrated the power of personal financial planning and strategies management as a physical element within my 3 pillars of success model. Just having a financial plan is not enough, it is only the first step in the much larger process of transforming one from good to great. What is often overlooked is as a society, we place most of the energy into the physical element. To be successful in life we need to take full advantage of the physiological and spiritual element as well before one can reach their full potential. As a humans beings, we are underdeveloped, we have much more untapped potential.

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Quote from Helen Keller

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
~ Helen Keller

What is the Wealthy Dong to Become Rich? The True Secret to becoming more successful.

Working out is one of the wealth secrets of the affluent, studies show that 55% of the of the most wealthy working out 2-3 times a week. Did you know it can even improve your mood, and lower your stress, lower anxiety, improve and self confidence. And let just forget about all the other health benefits! | Physical fitness is one of the wealth secrets of the rich, Research shows that 55% of the of the Richest people that preform some form of physical fitness two to three times a week. Physical fitness can even improve your mood, and will reduce your stress levels, decrease anxiety, increase self confidences. What about all the other countess health improvement come from Physical fitness.

Motivational quote of the day by Helen Keller

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Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People

Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People

Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People

Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People
You want to be persuasive.  The power to influence people to get what you want is sometimes all it takes to be successful. These are some tactics, discovered through psychological research, that you have probably not yet heard about, but have the potential to increase your persuasive abilities.
I’m not going to cover reciprocity, scarcity or social proof and all those widely known persuasion principles. You already know all about those (in case you don’t, stop everything and read this book by Cialdini).

1. Be confident, talk fast

The best way to persuade audiences that are not inclined to agree with you, is to talk fast. Fast pace is distracting and people find it difficult to pick out the argument’s flaws. When talking to an audience who is likely to agree (preaching to the choir), slow down and give the audience time to agree some more.
Want to boost persuasive power? Talk with confidence.
Don Moore from Carnegie Mellon’s Center for Behavioral Decision Research has published research showing that confidence even trumps past accuracy in earning the trust of others.
We prefer advice from a confident source, even to the point that we are willing to forgive a poor track record. Moore argues that in competitive situations, this can drive those offering advice to increasingly exaggerate how sure they are.
People naturally associate confidence with expertise. Know your product, know the facts about its benefits and believe in what it does – true confidence becomes from knowing and believing what you’re saying. It’s essential that we communicate our confidence to others in order to persuade them.

2. Swearing can help influence an audience

Light swearing, that is. (Go overboard and lose all credibility.)
Researchers divided 88 participants into three groups to watch one of three slightly different speeches. The only difference between the speeches was that one contained a mild curse word at the start:
…lowering of tuition is not only a great idea, but damn it, also the most reasonable one for all parties involved.
The second speech contained the ‘damn it’ at the end and the third had neither. When participants’ attitudes were measured, they were most influenced by the speeches with the mild obscenity included, either at the beginning or the end.
The word ‘damn’ increased the audience’s perception of the speaker’s intensity, which increased persuasion. The audience’s perceived credibility of the speaker did not change.
So that’s the secret of Gary Vaynerchuk and Dave McClure. I thought they’re just cool guys, but turns out its the swearing that got me.
Image credit

3. Get people to agree with you first

If you want people to buy into your message, start with something they can agree with.
In a research study by Jing Xu and Robert Wyerestablished, there were lingering effects of messages people agree with. In one of the tests, participants listen to a speech by John McCain or one by Barack Obama and then watch a TV ad for Toyota.
Republicans tended to be more swayed by the ad after watching the speech by John McCain, while Democrats showed the opposite effect, finding the ad more persuasive after the Obama speech.
So when you try to sell something, make statements or represent a world view your customers can agree with first – even if they have nothing to do with what you’re selling.

4. Balanced arguments are more persuasive

If what you are doing inspires (or can inspire) criticism, resist the instinct to paper over weaknesses. We fear undermining our point of view by talking about weaknesses, but actually it would help our case.
Psyblog writes:
Over the years psychologists have compared one-sided and two-sided arguments to see which are the most persuasive in different contexts. Daniel O’Keefe at the University of Illinois collected together the results of 107 different studies on sidedness and persuasion conducted over 50 years which, between them, recruited 20,111 participants (O’Keefe, 1999, Communication Yearbook, 22, pp. 209-249).
The results of this meta-analysis provide persuasive reading. What he found across different types of persuasive messages and with varied audiences, was that two-sided arguments are more persuasive than their one-sided equivalents.
People are not idiots and they can think. If you don’t mention the other side of the coin in your arguments, people are less likely to believe you.
Perhaps it might be a good idea to mention the shortcomings of your product or service on your website.

5. People believe you more if they sit in the evidence

A research study by Ye Li, Eric Johnson, and Lisa Zaval looked into the belief into global warming and its relation to the current local weather.
Participants in the US and Australia rated the strength of their belief in global warming. They also rated whether they thought the temperature that day was warmer, colder, or about normal for that time of year. When people felt the day was warmer than usual, they also expressed a higher belief in global warming than when they felt the day was cooler than usual.
Image credit
In the related study they asked the same stuff, but also asked for a donation to a non-profit combating climate change. The participants in this study donated over four times as much money when the day was much warmer than usual than when the day was much cooler than usual.
If you want people to buy your message, ask for the sale in the situation that supports your claims. Online, use imagery or other visual material to build the stage for your story.

6. Upsell a product that cost 60% less

Once somebody gets to a point that they’ll buy something from you, they have given you their trust and have convinced themselves it’s okay to give you money. In that moment you are able to sell them more.
When somebody buys a shirt, you upsell should be a tie and not the whole suit.
The time-tested 60×60 rule says that your customers will buy an upsell 60 percent of the time for up to 60% of the original purchase price. Any upsell you offer must be congruent with the original purchase.
If you don’t use up-selling in your business yet, it’s a quick way to boost profits (“would you like fries with that?”).

7. Frame it in the positive

Emphasising the positive can be more persuasive than pointing out the negative.
An analysis added up the results of 29 different studies, which had been carried out on 6,378 people in total. The finding was that there was a slight persuasive advantage for messages that were framed positively.
This study had to do with the way people relate to disease prevention, such as encouraging people to use sunscreen, and promoting healthy eating habits, but it might have a wider appeal. The researchers hypothesized the reason to be that we don’t like to be bullied into changing our behaviour.
Try framing your marketing message in the positive (“Gain additional hour every day” vs “Stop wasting time”) and see if it makes a difference.

8. The paradox of choice

The more choice you offer, the less people will take you up on it – says this study.
Researchers set up a jam-tasting stall in a posh supermarket in California. Sometimes they offered six varieties of jam, at other times 24. Jam tasters were then offered a voucher to buy jam at a discount.
While more choice attracted more customers to look, very few of them actually bought jam. The display that offered less choice made many more sales — in fact, only 3 per cent of jam tasters at the 24-flavour stand used their discount voucher, versus 30 per cent at the six-flavour stand.
If you have a ton of products, invest in building better filters that help people make the choice. Read the excellent book or watch the great TED talk on the topic.
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9. If something happens often enough, you will eventually be persuaded

Repetition of things has a distinct effect on us. Advertisements repeated replay themselves when we see the product. The songs that radios play over and over again eventually grow on us.
Repetition of a word or visual pattern not only causes it to be remembered (which is persuasive in itself), it also leads people to accept what is being repeated as being true.
ChangingMinds writes this about Hugh Rank’s persuasion research (Teaching about public persuasion, 1976):
Our brains are excellent pattern-matchers and reward us for using this very helpful skill. Repetition creates a pattern, which consequently and naturally grabs our attention.
Repetition creates familiarity, but does familiarity breed contempt? Although it can happen, the reality is that familiarity leads to liking in far more case than it does to contempt. When we are in a supermarket, we are far more likely to buy familiar brands, even if we have never tried the product before. 
Think about the last time you bought a pair of shoes. Did you pick them then put them down several times before trying them on. Did you come back to try them again? If so, you are in good company. Many people have to repeat things several times before they get convinced. Three times is a common number.
Image credit
Use repetition of key benefits or value proposition in your sales copy and ad campaigns many times. Effective advertising and political campaigns do that (“Geico can save you 15% or more …”). Use friendly repetition to create familiarity and hence liking.
Another research reveals even if only one member of a group repeats their opinion, it is more likely to be seen by others as representative of the whole group.

10. Men are more responsive to email than face-to-face talk

Guadagno & Cialdini research (2002) showed that men seem more responsive to email because it bypasses their competitive tendencies. Women, however, may respond better in face-to-face encounters because they are more ‘relationship-minded’
This research is suggesting that email could provide a way of side-stepping men’s competitive tendencies. But, this only applies to distant relationships. The closer the relationship between men, the better face to face works.
When you want to persuade a man you don’t know too well, start with an email.

11. Limiting the quantity you can buy makes you buy more

From Brian Wansink’s excellent book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think:
A while back, I teamed up with two professor friends of mine—Steve Hoch and Bob Kent—to see if anchoring influences how much food we buy in grocery stores. We believed that grocery shoppers who saw numerical signs such as “Limit 12 Per Person” would buy much more than those who saw signs such as “No Limit Per Person.”
To nail down the psychology behind this, we repeated this study in different forms, using different numbers, different promotions (like “2 for $2” versus “1 for $1”), and in different supermarkets and convenience stores. By the time we finished, we knew that almost any sign with a number promotion leads us to buy 30 to 100 percent more than we normally would.
So put numbered limitations or anchors on the quantity your customer can buy from you.

12. Story beats data

A Carnegie Mellon University study in 2007 by Deborah Small, GeorgeLowenstein and Paul Slovic compared the effects of story vs data.
Test subjects where asked to collect donations for a dire situation in Africa. The data pitch contained statistics about food shortages in Malawi, lack of rain in Zambia, and the dislocation of millions in Angola.
The second version talked about a particular girl in Zambia, Rokia, who was starving. People were shown her photo and asked to donate to help her directly.
On average, students who received the fact-based appeal from Save the Children donated $1.14. Students who read the story about Rokia donated an average of $2.38, more than twice as much.
In a third experiment, students were told Rokia’s story but also included statistics about persistent drought, shortfalls in crop production, and millions of Africans who were going hungry. While students who had read Rokia’s story alone donated an average of $2.38, those who read the story plus the data donated an average of $1.43.
The plight of Africa, the fight with poverty is too overwhelming and people feel their contribution is just a drop in a bucket, hence feel less inclined to help.
“If I look at the mass I will never act,” said Mother Teresa. “If I look at the one, I will.”

13. Marketing to men? Use photos of women

A field experiment in the consumer credit market found that pictures of women as as effective as low interest rate.
A South African lender sent letters offering incumbent clients large, short-term loans at randomly chosen interest rates. The letters also contained independently randomized psychological “features”. As expected, the interest rate significantly affected loan take-up. Inconsistent with standard economics, some of the psychological features also significantly affected take-up.
For the male customers, replacing the photo of a male with a photo of female on the offer letter statistically significantly increases takeup; the effect is about as much as dropping the interest rate 4.5 percentage points… For female customers, we find no statistically significant patterns.
Overall, these results suggest a very powerful effect on male customers of seeing a female photo on the offer letter. Standard errors however do not allow us to isolate one specific mechanism for this effect. The effect on male customers may be due to either the positive impact of a female photo or the negative impact of a male photo.
The experiment featured a rather dramatic range in interest rates – 3.25% to 11.75%. The effect of a photo of a woman on a loan offer was equivalent 4.5% difference in the loan interest rate.
Next time add a photo of a woman to your offer and see your conversions go up.
The above study did not feature sexy women. But would a sexy women wearing bikinis help?
Image credit
Research shows that arousal makes men stupid, as they become bad at making decisions. It gives them tunnel vision. The effect seems to be a short-term -one that would be most effective at the point of purchase, for impulse purchases.
The ideal selling situation would be to have the bikini-clad babe selling to the men in person. I guess you could do that also online for products meant only for men.
Studies have shown that sexy ads don’t really make men remember the product. We’re so lasered in on the sexy stuff, we don’t care what brand of product it is.

14. Want to convince leaders? Make them feel less powerful

Don’t bother trying to persuade your boss of a new idea while he’s feeling the power of his position, research suggests he’s not listening to you.
“Powerful people have confidence in what they are thinking. Whether their thoughts are positive or negative toward an idea, that position is going to be hard to change,” said Richard Petty, co-author of the study and professor of psychology at Ohio State University.
The best way to get leaders to consider new ideas is to put them in a situation where they don’t feel as powerful, the research suggests.
“Our research shows that power makes people more confident in their beliefs, but power is only one thing that affects confidence,” Petty said. “Try to bring up something that the boss doesn’t know, something that makes him less certain and that tempers his confidence.”
“You want to sow all your arguments when the boss is not thinking of his power, and after you make a good case, then remind your boss of his power. Then he will be more confident in his own evaluation of what you say. As long as you make good arguments, he will be more likely to be persuaded,” Petty said.
So in a nutshell:
  • make the leaders feel less powerful and confident by talking about stuff they don’t know and if possible, talk outside of his office (neutral territory),
  • after the pitch, remind them who’s the boss, so they could take action on your request.

15. The Sullivan Nod

Invented by restaurant consultant, Jim Sullivan, the Sullivan nod involves reciting a list of options but just inclining your head slightly when you reach the choice you’d like the buyer to make. The nod has to be subtle, but perceptible and works best in lists of no more than five items. According to Jim Sullivan, it’s successful up to 60 percent of the time.
Whenever servers suggest a beverage, have them smile and slowly nod their heads up and own as they make the suggestion. Body language is powerful, and research shows that over 60% of the time, the guest will nod right back and take your suggestion!
I bet you could use that online in sales videos. When talking about plans or packages, do the nod on the one you want them to buy.

16. Clarity trumps persuasion

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin of Marketing Experiments likes to say this: “Clarity trumps persuasion”. Remember this.
Persuasion tricks work when done subtly and skillfully. Overdo it and you lose the sale. When you’re writing sales copy or doing presentations, the best way to persuade people is to use clarity. Give people enough information to make up their mind without being cheesy or using hype.

17. 87% of people believe everything if there’s a percentage in it

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Quotes from Nikos Kazantzakis

Motivational quote of the day Nikos Kazantzakis In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.
~ Nikos Kazantzakis

Ways to become rich 

Working out is one of the wealth secrets of the affluent, studies show that 55% of the of the most wealthy working out 2-3 times a week. Did you know it can even improve your mood, and lower your stress, lower anxiety, improve and self confidence. And let just forget about all the other health benefits! | Physical fitness is one of the wealth secrets of the rich, Research shows that 55% of the of the Richest people that preform some form of physical fitness two to three times a week. Physical fitness can even improve your mood, and will reduce your stress levels, decrease anxiety, increase self confidences. What about all the other countess health improvement come from Physical fitness.

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Quote from John W. Gardner

quotes, quote. motivational, inspirational, John W. Gardner   Motivational quote of the day by John W. Gardner True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents.
~ John W. Gardner

Wealth Secrets of the Ancient 

They are 3 things you can do to make you a better person and achieve more. Work on the physical (Working out, eating healthy, and making you are getting enough sleep) the secondly work on yourself mentally (learning, knowledge, mediation, positive affirmations) and the thirdly is work on yourself spiritually many think to do this you have to belong to a religious organization. I personally know there is other ways to connected to the Creator. (mediation is one that can do double duty, law of attraction, prayers, and finally magic. Magic is just a higher way to connect conscience to the Creator. There is anything wrong with magic as long as it used for the better meant of human kind or higher connecting to the Creator.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Quote from Nikos Kazantzakis

quotes, quote., motivational, inspirational ,Nikos Kazantzakis In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.
~ Nikos Kazantzakis

The 3 columns of success The Great Advancement in becoming Successful in life

The three pillars is a method that I have formulated which comes from years of investigated and practice from Napoleon Hill's teaching of the hypothesis of success. Zig Zealar on his superpower to motivation whole arenas of people and Silver Raven Wolfe on her teachings of the mystical and spiritual practices. Each of their teachings is has different philosophy, but there is a common theme in all of their teachings. I have taken their teaching have studied all these masters teachings and found what if we practiced on all 3 of what I call the columns of successful purpose? Would we take something OK and evaluated it into something even greater!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quote from Elbert Hubbard

quotes, quote., motivational, inspirational , Elbert Hubbard
Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed - there's so little competition.
~ Elbert Hubbard

The 3 pillars of success model The Next Great Advancement in Success Movement
The three pillars are a system that I have developed which comes from years of research and practice from Napoleon Hill's teaching of the theory of success. Zig Zealar on his power to motivation mass group of people and Silver Raven Wolfe on her teachings of the mysticism and metaphysical practices. Each of their teachings is different, but there is a common thread in all of their teachings. I have taken there teaching have analyzed all these masters teachings and found what if we practiced on all three of what I call the pillars of success? Would we take something good and turbocharge it into something great!