How you heard of the Secret of the Rich? The true secret to become more successful in life

Working out is one of the untold secrets of the rich, studies show that 55% of the of the wealthiest working out 2-3 times a week. Did you know it can even improve your mood, and lower your stress, lower anxiety, improve and self-confidence. And let just forget about all the other health benefits!
The secret to personal and professional Sucesss

I am well read on the topic of human development, the fact that working out, with eating healthy, and mediation will improve you as a person. This will improve you in general health, mental health, and make you the most you can be.

Personally speaking, they are 3 things you can do to make you a better person and achieve more. Work on the physical (Working out, eating healthy, and making you are getting enough sleep) the secondly work on yourself mentally (learning, knowledge, mediation, positive affirmations) and the third is work on yourself spiritually many thanks to do this you have to belong to a religious organization.

 I personally know there is other ways to connected to the Creator. (Mediation is one that can do double duty, law of attraction, prayers, magic, mysticism, shamanism, and finally metaphysics. There is anything wrong with magic, mysticism, shamanism, and finally metaphysics. as long as it used for the better meant of humankind or connecting to the Creator.

I am a personally example of this movement, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, I do meditation regularly, eat healthy. I do preform law of attraction and pray. I do my rituals regularly; I do this for spiritual development and to attract success and money to me. Yes, money has come to me not directly but indirectly. So, my life has improved. Following a job in technology-based field, but still doing a job function I don't care for much. I have my performance reviews has dramatically improved, the job function is still draining. But I am much better equipped to handle it, now then before. Doing this will not give instant results all results take time. You just have to have belief.
  in the process and in yourself.

Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial & Success Coach
Reiki Master & Teacher
Central Ohio Reiki & Kabbalah 

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