Computer advice for Computer shopping: Some great places to buy computers at great prices

Shopping for a Computer

The best places to buy is,,, also check out, some times they have really good specials. You should look at Ebay & Amazon and the manufacture's sites too. If you are buying a gaming computer &, and Ebay has some great values.

You can save some money buy buying refurbished, or open box desktops are fine, laptops I never had one that last more then 1.5 years. If you buy  a used laptop buy a protection plan that is at least 2 years.  That way if it dies on you you either can get it repaired or replaced.

I do have a side note: If your computer is mission critical, have a back up  a computer. I can't tell you how many times customers try to make it the repair faculty responsibility because the computer is broken. If you are a business owner  or student that can't live without your computer make sure you have your data backup daily or weekly, your programs with activation codes  (windows, office ect)  is in a  safe place, and have a  backup computer. It can take up to one or two  weeks  to get your computer up and running again. This will save you much stress & anxiety, and just remember  your computer will break down someday we just don't know when!

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