Looking Good Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune: Brand name items at low everyday prices

Great Place to purchase clothing items and other household goods

·    Clothing
I personally shop at Marshals and TJ Maxx for low prices causal cloths great brands for a fraction of the retail cost.  I found that Marshals seems to be little be less expensive then TJ Maxx, their owned by the same company.I personally never have been to the Shoppers World, which seems like a good place to check out as well. I purchased 2 pairs of shoes  of well known brand, that retail $85.00 over $100.00 each. I picketed them up for $32.00 and $40.00. So high end shoes for Wal-mart & Pay-less prices! Do not forget being frugal is not being cheap, in fact it is being smarter!   

·    Household goods
I personally find that Big lots, Olile's, and Marshals and TJ Maxx are great places to purchase bedding items and household decorative items the strategies her are to check these type of stores every few weeks for items that you might need now or in the future. They work off buy outs, and things come and go. I purchased a queen sized bed in a bag for $50.00 at Ollie's, similar bedding at Wal-mart is closer to $100.00. 

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