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Columbus Financial & Success Coach is a family-owned and operated firm stated in Columbus, Ohio, now in Springfield Ohio to service the Columbus, Ohio & Dayton, Ohio markets. It was founded in 2011 by Derek P. Bliedung, a phenomenal and successful financial life coach with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.

With over 100 books read in the areas of Financial Planning, Investing, Marketing, Leadership, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing, and Metaphysics, Derek P. Bliedung started Columbus Financial & Success Coach with the sole mission to help find ways the working classes can get ahead with effective budgeting, and money management principles, which can take them to the next level of financial success.

Inspired by this ground breaking mission, Derek P. Bliedung created the “3 Pillars of Success: Next Generation of Success & Motivation Development” & Total Financial & Success  Transform: A system that can change your life and make you successful in everything you do.


The 3 Pillars of Success” comprises of 3 major aspects: the physical aspect, the mental / emotional aspect and the spiritual aspect. This success system can bring the best out of you, making it possible for you to attain the highest level of success in life.

Columbus Financial & Success Coach is divided into two vital parts. First, a free self-help service to help you save money on everyday items. It’s easy to tell people what to do and much harder to get them to do it. Humans are inherently irrational when it comes to money, so our job is to help you identify your stories/patterns of behavior, and get you to understand that it’s often your own beliefs about money that are at the root of your spending issues.

The second part of Columbus Financial & Success Coach is a coaching service to help you budget, design an action plan, and negotiate with credit card companies and collections companies that will either help lower your interest rates or to prepare a repayment plan(s).

Our passion is to help you win with your money once and for all.

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Our Services: Columbus Financial & Success Coach

The Art of Making Money Introductory: Different way to make extra income made simple

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Our Services: Columbus Financial & Success Coach

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