Are you paying too much for Cell service?: Check out these ridiculously low prices!

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After searching for some good deals on wireless cellular phones, I become flabbergasted how cheap and even free that cell service has become! I am part of the old school that still remembers when cell phones came in a bag and or it was a brick, and were sold at the local Radio Shake. Prices where unenviable high over $1000 for the phone and over $5.00 per minute. Today, late 2017 we can get free phone service and even yearly contract for less then some other carriers charge for 1 month of use. One of these companies is known as FreedomPop with 1 GB data, unlimited phone and Text for $79.99 and even free service for basic 200, 500 MB of data 200 minutes 500 texts for free!!! And a $24.99 2GB Unlimited minutes, talk and text. I even give you the websites that I found this incredible deal on.

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