Buying Great Stuff Cheap The eBay & Amazon Way

The explosion of online shopping and the 2 great shopping portals eBay and Amazon to help you find what you want fast & easy without looking at multiple sites. It is also a great way to find great deals on things you need. I am an avid eBay Shopper, I have purchased great deals of jewelry, computers, Car Parts (brakes/routers, O2 sensors, car radios, etc). I always will cross-reference Amazon and eBay to make sure I can't find the same item on the other site for less. I have found a few times some better deals on Amazon than on eBay. I found that Amazon is the far better selection and pricing on Books, then eBay. I find I can save a lot of money shopping this way.

I have purchased entry-level gaming computer custom built for $350, six-core processor and 8 GB of ram, 1Tg hard drive at 7200 rpm, with dedicated graphics card and windows included. Car radios for $10, brake pads and routers for $80.

By Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial Coach


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