Monday, May 26, 2014

Quote from Abraham Lincoln

 It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. –Abraham Lincoln

Helping America spend less and save more! 

I am a former Primerica insurance agent, which took a little part of Primerica when I left the organization. The idea that you can help middle-class families save money and build a better future. After suffering my own hardships, and turned to credit counselors, that tried to charge me more then I was paying on my credit cards currently. This forced me to think of a better solution, and I think I call it the Columbus Financial and Success Coach. I developed a saving system that can save the average family hundreds per month! And the best part, the basic program is 100% Free!!!

We specialized in helping individuals and families that have suffered unsuspected hardships, to get back on their feet & to get ahead in the future. We offer free self-help & paid coaching service by phone or in-person. Our coaches are here to motivate you, encourage you, and help you through a very stressful and terrifying experience, to become financially healthy. The coaching services included
Financial wellness program
Credit counseling
Debt management
Money management
Credit repair
Basic budgeting
Future goal setting & recommendations
The benefits are better financial worthiness & less stressful life.
You’re going to feel better about your self and others around you, simply by meeting your specific financial goals.

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