Sunday, January 5, 2014

Improve your SEO today: Get 500 free backlinks for sharing my 5 link on your social media

Yes, if you share any 5 of my social media links to your social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+. I will submit one of your web site link and keywords to a service which will submit your link to 500 sites all for free!  Can you imagine trying to manually submit 500 backlinks on your own? It would take your hours or borrowing time consuming mess! Let me do it for all for free?

Why would I officer such a generous offer?  I just finished reading Think and Grow Rich and the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill where he explains that the fastest way to success is helping other to become success first! I believe this is a win-win situation; we both help each other obtained internet marketing and SEO success!

What do you need to do? You can either of two one of my two sites:

 My sites where there share button to share my site to five different time or combination of the same quote, or article a total of 5 times on different social media sites.

Next, you must mail me @ to let me know your website or blog link and keywords. Please provide the title in the email of 5 for 500, I will reply back to you with the submission report.

Title of email: 5 for 500

Body of the email: I Your Name certified and acknowledged that a total of 5 backlinks have been placed within or combination of 5 within Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Google+, in exchanged I will have my site’s website and keywords submitted to up to 500 sites which may or may not  improve my SEO and marketing efforts. The site owner insurances that the email address will not be used, traded, sold or other wise used for marketing purposes. Further more communication will not happen, expect to send back report to the original email or request for additional missing information.

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