Internet & Social Marketing Made Easy: How to start building an audience for free

The first step is to have a marketing plan and; social networking plan. One must use of search engine optimization, what is important here is using keyword that is targeted to how your audience searches. Making your website & ads key word rich is important to get an audience to your site by search engines. A good source for key words days is Google ad keyword tool to check which ones are hot recheck every 30, 45, or 60 days. Also there is Google ad words also, that can help you bring in an audience. This can be very dangerous, it is Google’s paid service, we all heard of horrors stories of ad word campaigns gone badly. If someone is new to this world of marketing and social media, they are  great ways to bring your skills up to par is by using your local library, you will have access to the nation’s top marketers’ and sub channel marketers’.

Just a reminder, there are some time hundreds of site to market your sites on, how can I do all of them or should I do all of them? My personal research is to use the 20/80 rule. That states that 20 of the effort will result in 80 of the results, personally I think the 90/10 is more realistic online. So, take the advantage of  the marketers that publish the top 25 sites so you don’t have to publish to every single site on the list. or use search engine such as  Google, Yahoo or Bing. My results show that just doing a fractional every day of the top sites will give one almost as good results as doing all the sites. So apply this to all of your marketing efforts. Please don't forget that marketing is a social science, and it part science and part art. I don’t know what will work until I try it and see the results for myself. If it doesn't work I try something else, until it does works. In business and in life never give up if you’re following your passion.
I have personally used free classified ads by going 5 pages deep on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I am doing the same repeated the process for business directories. Don't forget to place a free site on GooglePlace, Yahoo local, and Bing local.

The next step implemented is to use social media, that includes blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and; joining local social networking clubs or meetup groups. I have added my professional video to You Tube, and other similar sites. There is a social networking site that is called that you can create your own radio show.

This step is to grow your credibility by writing to articles, news release and submitting to sits such as this social networking sites ( and for articles:

There is allot of free low cost marketing you can do. But find the one that works best for your personality. Some  of are writers (social media, press releases, article writing). but others are talkers, so do you tube videos, and other type Ipods, place your videos on social media that will tale your videos. Why don't you start your own blog radio station? Have fun with it and let your hair down and let your personality shine!

your videos or videos links.

Here are some other marketing sites that can you get an audience:

Link Exchange

List of directories to list your web site
A great free classified
https:// affiliate/users/ main.php?ref=665

The top 36 free classified (Personally classifieds have gave me the best SEO, to date!)

Submitting to article sites

Social media sites:

Hot key word finder:

Auto Submitters: a great way to save time and effort to help you SEO efforts

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