All natural whitening toothpaste & antiperspirant/deodorant

All natural antiperspirant & deodorant
 I found an inexpensive all natural way to prevent underarm odor. In fact works great, and I think work better then my commercial deodorant. It's the old fashion Arm & Hammer (baking Soda) Mix with equal amounts of corn starch! You got it baking soda, to remove the order and corn starch to keep you dry. This combo will cost less then $2.00 can easy last over a year.  I know I was worried about the chemicals in my deodorant, I was resistant to go to an all natural product and pay $6 per stick! Now, I can do both at a great price too and 100% natural too.

All natural whiting tooth paste  
 I found a natural way to keep my teeth white without spending allot for those expensive tooth paste and remove the harmful toxin fluoride, and other chemicals from system. Simply mix little bit of Arm & Hammer (baking Soda) with hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Now, you have a teeth cleaning and whiting machine.Once again less then $2.00 and will last months, not weeks.

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