Solar Lights: A great back-up plan in case of power outage

  1. What a neat idea!
    Isn't this one great idea !!

    I have a friend who used her Solar Lights inside the house at night when
    the electric power went off during a hurricane. She stuck them in jars and
    bottles and said they gave off plenty of 'free light' in each room. She put
    them outside in the daytime and brought them back inside at night for
    several days while the power was off. They are safe to use and cheaper than
    batteries. She recommended we bring a Solar Light into our own house one
    night to test it for ourselves.

    Due to a thunderstorm, we lost power for about 5 hours one night. We were
    scrambling around in the darkness, looking for matches, candles, and
    flashlights. Then we looked outside and noticed our Solar Lights shining
    brightly all around the patio, stairs & dock. My wife walked outside and
    brought several of the solar lights inside. We stuck the Solar Light pipes
    into plastic drink bottles and they made the nicest, brightest, safest,
    lighting you could imagine. We put one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen
    and in the living room.

    There many types of Solar Lights available. We bought quite a few and put
    them all around our yard. They look nice and do not attract flying bugs
    like the outdoor lights around our doorway. The lights we have fit into
    20-oz. water bottles and also fit into most larger 2 liter bottles. If you
    need a weight in the plastic bottle to keep them from tipping over, put in
    a few of the colorful flat marbles they put in aquariums and vases. You can
    also use sand, aquarium gravel, or whatever you have available.

    The Solar Lights we have are perfect inside our home. They burn all night
    when needed and next day we take them back outside where they recharge and
    are ready for use again when needed. Solar Lights are the perfect light
    solution for power outages. I had never thought of it before seeing what my
    friend did, and now you know about this idea too.
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