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The power of Social Networking for employees and business owners
I have read a number of book on the topic of social networking for job hunting and small business marketing. The author is an expert in both. You have to the social network in both areas to be successful, I know how different the two seem to be, but with the power of social networking, they can help you get ahead. I still remember a book titled "Living is selling" that my dad had when I was very young. Today the book would be called "Living is Social Networking" I have to be honest a few years ago I thought this social networking was a joke. Now, I know that this is being a great way to stand out from the pack.

What I am saying to stand out from the crowd one must do more than just use social networking as a place to tell your friends all about the crazy party last weekend. Instead, make your social networking site what you want an employer or customer to think about you. So, if you read much about a certain topic, leverage that to your advantage. You can showcase that you’re an expert in X field. Ok, what if you don't much of a book reader? Well, place meaningful quotes on your social media. It makes you look really smart and look like you care enough to do the extra effort every day. Just the perfect person the hiring manager wants to hire and the person to get the job done. Now, if you’re a business owner, many people love quotes it will get you some new onlookers for your product or service. Let's not forget that if you update your website every day you will create a following and increase your ranking on search engines like google or yahoo.

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