Android & Iphones Smart phones & Cell Phones at value pricing

Android Smart phones & Cell Phones at value pricing

Striaghtalk  is the best in price hands down Android Smart phone service at only $45 per month for unlimited with talk, text, and web with no contracts.


Revol wireless one of the lowest priced Android Smart phones around at only $55 per month unlimited with data with no contracts.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile gives a unique twist to the Android market place. That offers unlimited web, text, date and messaging and limited and unlimited anytime talk starting at $35 per month for 300mins, $45, for 1,200 mins and $55 for unlimited talk.


Net10 is the best deal in the less expensive cells phone and text cell phones with service starting at $15 per month for 200 mins and $30 for 500 mins with all mins with roll over, if you need more you can simply buy more. If you do not need or want the roller over there is a $25 a month plan that gives you 750 mins with no rollover.

PayLo byVirgin Mobile

PayLo byVirgin Mobile is also another great deal for those of us that like to talk & text $30 per month includes 1,500 mins, 1500 Messages, plus 30MD Web Access.  Their talk plan $20 per month 400 mins, $0.15 each Message, web access 1.50/MB, and there is the Basic rate good for 90 days $0.20 per min, $0.15 each Message, web access 1.50/MB.

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