Saving with Alternatives Home Phone System to use over the Internet

Alternatives to Phone Service using VOIP (Internet Phone)

Magic Jack GO 

I have used the Magic jack for years and it find a good inexpensive way to communicate over the internet. Many people are resistant to use one of these devices over their cable provider VOIP Services. I get so many calls about wanting a modem/router with a build-in VOIP telephone port. The problem is equipment is about 2x times more expensive then the modem/routers without the VOIP telephone port. If you goal is to save money? Then why do you want to pay twice the amount for the equipment? Just go with a 3rd part alternative VOIP home phone service provider. If you don't know the cable companies will charge you $8 to $9 per month for rental of their equipment, Buy your own will start saving some additional cost within a year. All in one cable mode/router starts at about $70 to $90, compared to a full one with the modem/router with telephone port starting at $180.


If you want to dump your phone carrier but need all the bells and whiles, there is a higher end of a internet phone that you can buy the equipment, and  the monthly fee is good at $9.99 per month, you can port your current number to their system.


We should not forget about Vantage, which get the same basic features as your phone company .

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