Alternatives to cable TV or Satellite TV

I was spending $135 per month for digital cable, phone, and Internet. I replaced the cable TV with a used Tivo Premier (TIVO is 4 in 1 products it is DVR. Media Player, Cable Box, and an Analog to Digital Converter for people that have the non HD, DTV TV’s. It works with anything from an older analog TV to a full 1040P. ) I purchase off of  And now my Internet and alternative cable is costing me about $51.94 per month total (including internet service & TIVO service charge). I am using the off the air signal with amplified amentia I purchase from and using the live streaming option of this Tivo to purchase The Tivo can also streams,, & much more that you get for free. The Tivo Premier can works with anything thing from analog TV to a full HD 1040p TV.

Great place to purchase the TIVO: 

Roku 2

If you did not need an analog to digital converter, DVR, or do not want to pay for additional service charge then you may want to look at the ROKU, the original Netflix online viewer. Like the Tivo it has access to,,  and many more free services. They have 3 different models HD, XD, XD start from $59.99 to $99.99

Great place to purchase the Roku: 

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